Monday, May 6, 2013

So this week has been better than by far.

We were able to finally meet with N (recent convert who might go to SVU!) boyfriend named A and we taught him one lesson so far and he wants to be baptized! Then we met with B who has been taught for 10 years or so and he also has decided that he needs to commit to baptism as well! So we are trying to help both of them continue in the gospel!

Also we had an amazing break the fast that we had set up after church on sunday! I was kinda worried about how it would work out because we kinda did it on short notice but we had a full ward and we had invited a million people to church whether by phone calls or personally. We had one person show up randomly who I left a message inviting him(C). We had another who we didn't call but CALLED US asking if she could come to church this sunday. Then we had one lady call us back asking if we could help her with service and so we met with her and she came also(E)! So needless to say... we were very very blessed this week!

Even more so was when during Gospel Principles we had an awesome discussion about how the organization of the church is and how it was the same church that Jesus Christ set up and E said "I feel blessed to be here right now knowing about this church. Jesus Christ truly leads this church! It is truly his church! That has never clicked until now and I know its true! I can feel it!" Needless to say Sister Hamblin then invited her to be baptized IN GOSPEL PRINCIPLES and she said yes! ya what the flip... Crazy awesome blessings! Then later during the munch n mingle thing J basically told us she wants to get baptized as well! I am humbled to be in the middle of the Lords work right now. I could not be happier and I know that it is not me, but I glory in the Lord my God. Whom I know to be our Savior and brother. He loves us perfectly and guides us perfectly.

I now just hope that Elder Weber and I can keep up with the Lords blessings! I have a testimony of this work. I know that it is the Lords work and he directs it. It is of the most worth for me and all those who even if by their examples play a part in it. Just be a friend to others! That is probably the best missionary work to do! Be a friend and show that you care! Spread the Love! The Gospel of Jesus Christ in action! If you get an impression to share simple yet lifechanging gospel truths do it! But as my brilliant little brother says "share what you feel!" That's so important. You don't have to recite the first vision word for word, in fact it would be better for you to throw your whole heart into a simple statement like "I know that God is our Heavenly Father, and from my experience and my knowledge I know that he answers our prayers and guides us to where we need to be"

I love you all!
Thanks for everything!
Im excited for our family time coming up in a weeeeeeeeek!!!!
Elder Tyler Clark

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