Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Mother and Family,
I love you all soooo much! Thanks for letting me be in such a wonderful family where I can have parents with wonderful faith, love, kindness, and charity. One thing that I have learned is that Charity is the greatest of all loves. When you serve one another as Mom did to serve Dad by taking Jeffy to Kansas you enable that greatest love to exist. That is the greatest thing you can do. Serving a mission is just that... Serving. This is the greatest gift of all because love is what makes it fun. Love is what makes it all worth it. Love is what drives me. And love is the strongest thing that could drive me. I know that the love that we have for each other is eternal and that it is a greater kind of love than any other. That because we love, we are happy. I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the happiest people ever because of the immense love that they have and show for us. Seriously take a second to look around at your life, the things you've gone through, the experiences you have had, the joys of your life. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us soooooo much. What is the common theme with all those experiences you cherish? It is love. It is a gift and you don't need to pay for it with money. Just service and compassion. So that is what I have been focusing on out here!
It's been really cool because some of the best missionary opportunities come from serving people or simply by loving them. I learned this really well because about a week or so ago Elder A and I were driving on the packed freeway to get home ontime one night and there was someone stopped on the side of the road. We pulled over and did everything we could to help this person. And even though just helping him find the closest gas station was all that we could do I guess it had a great affect on him. We gave him a pamphlet because I am a greenie and forgot to grab pass-along cards and not too much later I had forgotten about that experience. yesterday we got a phone call. I answered and said "Hello this is Elder Clark" and this guy named B started talking to me about how he want's to hear the message we have to share because of how nice we were to him on the freeway. However I am telling that to you as a second hand source because I could not understand what he was saying so I handed the phone to Elder A to talk because he has the hang of the language barrier a lot better than me. (that seems to happen a lot even though I am in charge of the phone) Certain people like C from Africa I truly can't understand so I just let Elder A answer it. But anyways this was really an awesome experience and we will teach him by the mcdonalds tomorrow. :)
So that is my life. I love talking to people now. I think I started a Staten Island tradition because I wanted to do a street sweep somewhere (where we talk to everyone) and we drove by the boardwalk and we went there. So now I believe we will do a district beach sweep once a week and go talk to everyone. It is so scary but so fun and soooooooo worth it after you get over the fear of talking. I gotta go because of time so I love you alll!
Elder Clark :)

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