Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Mother, Father, and Family!
Thank you sooooooo much for your love and prayers and emails and everything!!! I love you soooo much! It has been definitely a new experience being here in New York! I have met sooooo many different people already! I was able to take part in a baptism yesterday that my companion(father) Elder A from Las Vegas and his old companion had taught and she is from Gebon in Africa! She was a Golden Investigator. She wanted sooooo bad to be a mormon and she would chant in her french (yes I guess she lived in france as well) accented voice "I'm gueen tu bee a moor-mun" It was pretty great! Her name is Anoushka Sefu and she has a little bit of a language barrier but it was all good! She wanted so bad to follow all the laws of the gospel that she is looking for a job so she can pay tithing! After the first day of talking about wearing modest clothing she basically wore a huge dress covering everything with a hat and large boots. Then we helped explain she doesn't have to be over the top! haha :) But anyways we are really busy here in Staten Island and there are a lot of people that we teach so its been really fun! I feel blessed though looking at the circumstances here... I have a lot... a lot a lot a lot. These people truly have a completely different lifestyle... But I love you all and the work is going well! Obediance is key! I've taught so many different nationalities it's crazy! I love you! Love,
Elder Clark

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  1. So true! you are out of the "rocklin bubble"....and I am sure you are soaring like an Eagle. adherence to truths will bring joy! we love you and pray for you~!